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General Resources

Below are links to publicly available resources relevant to immigration, citizenship and protection law, policy and procedure.


Department of Justice – Immigration Service Delivery 

  • For official government policy on immigration



Department of Justice – visa/ preclearance application process

  • For information on visa applications


International protection applications

  • For information on applying for protection in Ireland, the International Protection Office has prepared an information booklet


  • For information on appealing a negative recommendation to the International Protection Appeals Tribunal



Department of Social Protection

  • For official governmental policy on social welfare payments



International Protection Accommodation Service

  • Responsible for the provision of accommodation and related services to people in the international protection process



Citizens’ Information

  • For guidance on Irish law and policy



Housing Agency

  • For information on applying for social housing



UNHCR Ireland

  • For guidance on how to apply for protection in Ireland



International Organisation for Migration

  • An international organisation to assist migrants worldwide

Assists with the process of voluntarily returning to one’s country of origin



Irish Red Cross

  • The Irish branch of an international organisation supporting refugees and their family members worldwide

  • ​Restoring Family Links – assists which traces separated relatives, restores contact with relatives and helps to reunite families


EU Agency for Asylum

  • Rapid response by EU+ countries to address the needs of displaced people



Jesuit Refugee Service

  • Advocates on behalf of refugees



Irish Refugee Council

  • An NGO supporting refugees in Ireland



Immigrant Council of Ireland

  • An NGO supporting migrants in Ireland




  • For information on migrants’ rights in Ireland




  • NGO providing information and advocacy service for migrant community



Mercy Law Resource Centre

  • An NGO supporting people with housing needs



Crosscare Migrant Project

  • Provides information and advocacy support to people who have moved to Ireland

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