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Change of date for asylum list


18th February 2020

ASL Case Management 



13th January 2020


Please note that the cases listed in the "Gica" Holding List will be listed in the Asylum Directions List on Monday the 2nd of March 2020. Also note change of time of callover of Directions List, which from Friday the 20th of March next will be at 9am (Registrar's callover) with the Judges List at 10am. My colleague Sara McQuade (to whom any ex parte papers should be emailed on the next two Fridays) will be taking the list for the next two Mondays in my absence on circuit.

With immediate effect, in any case where a leave application is pending and the statement of grounds is not in accordance with the notice to practitioners dated 18 February, 2020, applicants should  when moving the leave application furnish an amended statement of grounds that complies with that notice. 

All books of pleadings must comply with that notice even if the leave application was first moved before 18 February, 2020. 

The first page of the book of pleadings should be a contents sheet (it is insufficient to attach this sheet to the cover of the ring binder)

The ex parte docket duly stamped and written legal submissions should not be indexed in the book of pleadings but should be handed to the registrar separately. 

When leave applications are called over in the registrar's list, practitioners must confirm both compliance with the practice direction and with the notice of 18 February 2020 regarding format of papers and statements of grounds.  

If papers are in order they are to be handed in at the registrar's call over stage.

If papers are not in compliance, the leave application will be adjourned in the registrar's list to allow applicants to rectify. 

Also please note that ex parte applications on 9 March if called on in the registrar's list will be taken at 2 pm in the judge's list (this is a once -off time change)

  • Updated Asylum List Procedures directed by Mr Justice Humphreys as circulated by the Court Registrar, effective as and from Monday 3rd February, available HERE

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