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Ukraine Assistance: Pro-bono Legal Counsel Panel

We are coordinating and inviting practitioners to participate on a register of EU lawyers to assist immigration and refugee NGOs and civil society organisations.

The nature of this emergency assistance can relate to the legal complexities in respect of Temporary Protection Directive (TPD) immigration, applications for international protection or other issues relating to permission to enter and to remain in the State.


Expertise in many other relevant areas of law which would be of interest to new arrivals, on an emergency basis, include social welfare, housing, employment, education law.

How Will it Work?

  • Legal Counsel: Members of The Bar of Ireland are invited to participate, and offer legal assistance on a pro-bono emergency basis by providing their details and of their area of legal specialism as well as any language proficiency to

  • NGOs & partnering EU Bar Associations will have available to them a resource of expert Counsel in order to assist those fleeing the Ukraine crisis seeking particular assistance in coming to Ireland.


Where an NGO/Bar Association registers a query, it will be triaged and assigned to one of our volunteering barristers who then will be your primary contact on your matter.

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